Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Stop Defending the Nonsense

So here’s the deal. I’m tired of conservatives defending Trump when he is spouting nonsense. Nonsense doesn’t mean harmless.

If President Obama in similar circumstances were to suggest, even in passing, that maybe the election should be delayed followed by more serious talk about using executive power to prevent states from managing their own elections — which he has no Constitutional power to do — Conservatives would be loosing their ever living minds over it.

As conservatives we very often point out double standards and hypocrisy on the left, but since Trump was elected there are plenty of double standards and hypocrisy on the right that is either defended or ignored.

Now, I get why so many tune out so much of the nonsense Trump says, and why we don’t take it seriously, for me it’s mainly because I don’t think Trump is a very “serious” or temperate leader; but I hear many who just excuse it as a personality flaw, as though is has no bearing on his leadership and is intemperance isn’t a reflection of more serious character flaws of which we should be concerned.

Is Trump the principled champion of the American system fighting the good fight against the “deep state,” and also the bloviating idiot who talks down the election system and threatens unconstitutional action — thus damaging confidence in our system — maybe, but I have my doubts. I haven’t bought that idea whole sale the way many of my friends on the right have.

Listen, here’s what I think: this election isn’t between the knight in shinning armor and his dark rival. It’s between a barely conscious old man susceptible to leftist control and a barely conservative junkyard dog who just happens to be the only thing standing between the American system and the neo-Marxist radicals on the left who would tear down law and order and the American system given the chance. We don’t have to put our brains in a drawer and pretend that Trump is something he’s not. It would be better to take Trump on when he’s wrong, support the good he does, and admit the untenable situation we are in.

We need to hold “our guy” accountable and stop pretending that he’s so masterfully cleaver that’s his nonsense is part of some grand strategy to beat the “deep state” and save us. There is no salvation for America in this kind of cult following of a politician. We the people, we the Conservatives, need to steer the ship and speak out against all authoritarian rhetoric and injurious nonsense.

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