Friday, July 17, 2020

If it's Anti-Family it's Anit-Christ

I've been studying a lot lately, I've been watching current events closely, as I know most are; after-all we've all been a bit cooped up lately. I imagine I'm not alone in my serious concerns about what we are witnessing and feeling some level of fear about where it will all lead. In the last week I've constructed a lot of thoughts on various subjects related to the discussions I've been having on social media during this time, and doing this has been kind of a thought experiment for me. It's forcing me to think about all the fallacies and lies that are flying at us a million miles a minute and pray for discernment to see through the propaganda and stay grounded in truth.

The progressive socialist have had their way with the narrative in this country for at least 30 years -- they've solidified monopolies over thought and education through their vice grip on education, media, and Hollywood. I don't really know how we "let" it happen, but here we are, essentially all the avenues of information are controlled through one ideological prism. We see this becoming ever more dangerous with the same monopoly forming in Google and social media.

The progressive socialist in america have been systematically killing our Constitutional government for 100 years. The providence with which our Constitution was constructed has provided an astonishing hardiness in the face of all these successful attacks. Perhaps we took it's strength too much for grant it and didn't attend to it's maintenance with the kind of eternal vigilance our nation deserved. Maybe, this disintegration has been the natural consequence of not attending to spiritual matters. Maybe it's both, but whatever the reasons, here we are and it is going to take everything we have to preserve our liberty.

Progressive socialists on the left are digging a pit to bury us, most days I don't see how we get out of this... BUT I have faith in prophesy and I believe that they will fall into the pit they are digging and I believe that God will preserve the faithful in this nation. I believe God needs us, the solid third, the patriots of our times. We have to educate ourselves, we have to read widely and be very discriminating about what we believe, scrutinize everything against the principles of absolute truth we know through the discernment of the Holy Spirit.

And finally, we have to be brave and bold, and we can't let ourselves fall into the traps and be silenced by the tactics of the enemy of freedom, faith, and family. Years ago in a church sermon a principle was laid out, one that I have held tight too as I have looked at the world around me and tried to judge righteously what was truth and what was error. 

"We also face the problem that we read about in Ephesians 6:12“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Public policies are being made every day that are antifamily, and the definition of family is changing legally around the world. Antifamily media messages are everywhere. Youth are being desensitized about the need to form families."

"Any doctrine or principle our youth hear from the world that is antifamily is also anti-Christ. It’s that clear. If our youth cease to believe in the righteous traditions of their fathers as did the people described in Mosiah 26, if our youth don’t understand their part in the plan, they could be led away."

If you look around you, in things political, social, and even in warped ideas of religion you will see the ideologies and forces destroying that fundamental unit of society, liberty, and happiness. The Democratic party policies are highly effective in their ability to undermine the nuclear family, "Black Lives Matter," the organization, also proclaims:

"We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure... When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking." -- Socialism & Communism are enemies of the family unit, anarchy is an enemy of the nuclear family. Abortion is anti-family. Welfare dependency is anti-family.

We must be awake to this stuff. We must not bow down to their GODS, we must not worship in their temples, we must keep ourselves unspotted from the world. We must stand for Christ and communicate with love, but we must not compromise truth, we must not tolerate evil. If we don't do this we cannot be instruments in saving our nation from the pit that the enemies of liberty are digging for the faithful followers of God.

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