Friday, July 17, 2020

ObamaCare & ObamaCore: Disrespect For the Rule of Law and the Rights of the People

What does ObamaCare and ObamaCore tell us about how the administration views American government and it's relationship to the people?

There are numerous examples of how the Obama Administration has routinely manipulated and sidelined our representative government, but none more telling then his greatest policy achievements; the control of the US Heathcare system and the control of the US Education system.

I was thinking about the past five years of Obama's Presidency, evaluating his policy agenda, and how much of it has actually been accomplished through the legislative process. The only piece of major legislation I could identify was ObamaCare. He has never passed a budget or funded any government program outside of the realm of crisis management. Besides ObamaCare the only other significant policy he has managed to jump start is his Education Agenda, Race to the Top and it's end game, Common Core. And this he did under a shroud of secrecy and outside the legislative process entirely.

With all of the coverage revealing abuses of power in almost every executive branch department; IRS, DOJ, DHS, EPA and DoS there's been very little room for the story out of the US DHHS. It was discovered that Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has been fundraising to support the implementation of ObamaCare. She's been hitting up private healthcare related companies for suplimental funds, as ObamaCare is costing billions more than projected (no shocker there). Problem #1) the companies are the very same that will be under regulation by her department. Problem #2) her actions have been compared to the Iran-Contra scandal where Ronald Reagan used privately funded military units for US special ops. Since then it has been against the law to raise private funds for federal government functions because by so doing the exectutive branch is getting around congresses constitutional war powers and the powers of the public purse.

How does this relate to ObamaCore. The Common Core is a federal education program funded in part by private companies who not only benefit financially if they are in good favor with the DoE, but will be under the regulation of DoE mandates for standards and testing. In my opinion, ObamaCore is an even more startling example of how willfully the Obama administration seeks to subverting the democratic process and how foolish congressional action let it happen.

With Common Core, the DoE easily skated around federal law because Congress wrote a Trillion dollar blank check to the executive branch, known as the 2009 "stimulus". By doing this they essentially handed away their constitutional powers over the purse to Obama. With nearly a TRILLION dollars at his complete discretion, he unilaterally wrote education policy outside the legislative process. After all, there was no need to go to congress, he already had the money to get it started.

Obama's DoE proceeded deliberately but in secret on Obama's ultimate policy objective, Common Core, a federal control of standards, curricula, and testing in 50 states. While Americans were verily familiar with the grant program Race to the Top, we were completely in the dark about Common Core. Yet, the Common Core was "approved" by unelected political unions in 2009 without a word. Race to the Top federal funding was used as a carrot to entice State's to cooperate without knowing exactly what they were agreeing to.

To get the rest of the seed money for ObamaCore, the administration simply "partnered" with private corporations and NGO's to fund the further implimentation, much the same way as Secretary Sebelius did for ObamaCare. In both DHHS fundraising and ObamaCore the "donations" are being funneled into NGO non-profits so that the Feds can argue they aren't directly funding federal intiatives with private funds. With Common Core this goes both ways because the scheme allows DoE to claim that the Common Core is not Federal direction of education, which is not only against at least three federal laws, it is unconstitutional.

If you dig into the Common Core scheme, it looks like nothing more than government money laundering, the subverting of the legislative process, and the complete disregard for the governance and rights of the people. It is becoming harder to separate out the stealthy undemocratic takeover of American education and the other shady (if not illegal) targeting and suppressing of political enemies, dissemination of private information for political gain, the almost constant misinformation cloud designed to avert and confuse those who ask questions, and the pro-quo to dodge responsibility for governance in almost every respect. 

ObamaCare and ObamaCore give us a plain view of how Obama views the relationship between the government and the governed. He does not see our government as servants of the people. His disrespect for the rule of law, the rights of the people to be represented, and the sacred rights of speech, religion, privacy, and even parental authority is beyond reprehensible. He has made an enemy of all we hold dear.

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