Friday, July 17, 2020

Why the Men Women Want Are in Short Supply

Another news blip scrolled past me on my Facebook news feed today, just one more in a growing number of stories from woman bemoaning the scarcity of good men, and honestly stories like the one I read today really bother me! So today I decided to blog the comments I've always thought to make but didn't for what will be obvious if you keep reading.

This particular article ends with this plea, "Please teach your sons to be men, because the women of the world are tired of the boys." What I would like to ask, from a mother of boys to mothers of girls, is for mothers to teach their daughters how to be women because the power that women have on how men will behave is incalculable.

Now I realize, women are sensitive and this kind of direct blunt language is often highly offensive to woman, and for that reason women are rarely told that their behavior can be highly toxic to men and by extension the foundation of society, the family. But I'm going to be as blunt with you all as my mom was with me because I'm grateful for a strong mother who taught me to guard my behavior and the hearts of men I would have power to influence.

I believe women are in large part responsible for the demise of men!! First as mothers but more so as girlfriends and wives and here are some reasons why:

Feminism has led to the emasculation of men. It has encouraged women to be sexually loose, uncharacteristically forward, and has resulted in disfiguring the beautiful dance of courtship and marriage. Women send out errant flirtatious signals to men prompting men to pursue them and then crush them with their indifference. Women were already complicated to begin with but women today have thrown away the courtship rule book and it's bound to result in timid men.

Of course none of that goes far enough! The fact that there are tons of boys growing up without men in their lives is in large part the fault of women -- I'm not trying to let men completely off the hook here -- but when a woman divorces her sexuality from her sacred responsibility to protect the unborn children her womb is uniquely capable of creating, she has a elevated responsibility for bringing life into the world without a father by her side. Short of rape, it is a woman who holds the key to sex -- Just ask men how much power over sex a woman has -- a women can give or deny a man that pleasure by her will alone. Short of rape, if a baby is born it is born because she chose to give it life, and if it is born out of wedlock it is -- for the most part -- her choice.

If women want strong masculine men; men who will sweep them off their feet, marry them, be faithful to them, protect and provide for them and their children, they need to rediscover the art of feminism, the old fashioned kind.

So the next time you hear women bemoaning the loss of strong masculine men remember what they need to hear is not what they want to hear, but if they don't begin to hear it and understand it the life they desire will continue to elude them.

Take it or leave it, but sometimes you just need some blunt advise from a happily married wife and mother of boys.

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