Friday, July 17, 2020

Where is the Justice?... And How do we Get it Back?

Where is the Justice? This is a question I've heard over and over in social media threads in recent days as Americans are grappling with Hillary Clinton's recent escape from grasp of the rule of law. FBI Director Comey delivered an astonishing statement of Clinton's gross negligence and brazen public lies regarding her stewardship as the Secretary of State, but contrasted a clear verbal indictment of her conduct by providing the avenue for her escape from legal justice. While Comey stated that that no "reasonable prosecutor" would bring a case against Clinton he stated that other government employees engaged in similar conduct would not find mercy. "How can this be true?" Many have asked. "Where is the Justice?"

Many American's intuitively feel the injustice of the double standard between the ordinary citizen and the powerful. Thomas Jefferson said that, "Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry." The American citizenry is beginning to feel by greater degrees the boot of tyranny and the injustice of institutional decay. With each incident that reveals the double standard between the powerful and the average person there is an increased shock factor that is tempered only by the presence of an eerie sensation of numbness that is an outgrowth of the reticent acknowledgement that a new normal has begun to settled in. Many are beginning to feel hopeless, asking themselves, "Where is Justice?... And how do we get it back?"

To discuss how we get it back requires that we have a correct understanding of why we are loosing it. As I read the comments on social media threads it seemed that many don't understand that a lack of justice is simply a symptom, not a cause of our decaying rule of law. While I attempt to communicate the true reason why we see this decay in our society it will be up to the reader to assess whether my explanation is founded upon timeless principles of truth or whether it is mere opinion, but only when we understand and accept that there are absolute truths can we ever hope to restore law and order.

The absence of justice is a symptom of moral decay. 

We have seen the weakening of the rule of law because the very definitions of liberty, law, justice, and equality have been twisted and torn by the false doctrines of secular progressive America. No longer does a critical mass of American voters view these principles in a uniform way nor do they understand or accept that these principles are only secure when they rest upon concrete truths. Rather, a new modern interpretation of these quintessential bedrock American principles is causing the foundation to crumble. The rightful purposes of government, the essential role of individual morality, responsibility and accountability, and the role of the family in the success of civil society have all lost their grounding in truth. This is the underlying reason why we see justice disappearing.

This Clinton scandal is not the first time and won't be the last that the rule of law is flouted by the powerful in our country, until the people begin to value integrity and the rule of law, until the people wake up and hold themselves and others accountable to moral law, we won't see justice, equality, or liberty operating as they should. 

We are loosing our Republic, but Director Comey is not to blame. Our elected representatives have for some time been surrendering their constitutional powers to the executive branch, but even they are not entirely to blame. It is the American people at large who are most responsible for allowing (nay, encouraging and even asking for) the federal government to exceed it's rightful role. The people have allowed the government to assume powers unnatural to it. 

We complain about our government, about the injustice in our institutions, about the decay in our public life; but at the same time Americans don't want to take responsibility for this government that is "by the people" and "of the people." They don't want to accept that it's dysfunction is a reflection of our own dysfunction. The American people at large are angry with what they see in public life but are unwilling to be the masters of their private lives, their private decay.

Justice for all will be realized one American at a time, one good life lived, one strengthened family at a time. Our government is a reflection of our people and it will be a government of laws when we are a people who submit ourselves to the restraint of natural law.

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